AWM6123U - UHF Rechargeable Dual-Channel Wireless System with 16 Adjustable Frequencies














  • UHF-Band Frequencies
  • Frequency Agile over a 25 MHz Bandwidth, with 16 preprogrammed Frequencies Available.
  • LCD Display
  • Battery-Level Indicator on the Transmitter
  • Two Independent Balanced XLR Audio Outputs and One Mixed Unbalanced 1/4" Output on the Receiver
  • Two Independent Volume Control Knobs (One for Each Channel)
  • Microcontroller (CPU) Controlled
  • 13 15VDC Power Supply



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                                Front Panel and Rear Panel

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AWR6123U Receiver:

S/N Ratio >85dB
Border Upon Channel Rejection >70dB
Image & Spurious Rejection >70dB
Audio Output Level 0 300mV
Receiving Sensitivity -105dBm
Power 13-15VDC, 2.1mm Jack, Tip Positive
Weight 3.2lbs
Dimensions (W X D X H) 15.5" X 9.8" X 1.8"

AWX6522 Handheld Microphone:

Normal Current Drain <100mA
RF Output 10dBm
Spurious Emission >55dB
Modulation Type FM
Max. Deviation 70KHz
Microphone Cartridge Dynamic
Batteries Rechargeable AA X 2
Dimensions (W X D X H) 9.8" X 2.0" X 2.0"


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        ITEMS                                                  QUANTITIES
AWR6123U Receiver                                        1
AWX6123U Transmitters                                   2
Antennas                                                          2
1/4-inch to 1/4-inch Audio Cables                       2
AC/DC Adaptor for AWR6123U                         1
1.5V AA Batteries                                             2
Owner's Manual                                                1


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